Presenting the Machine Industry Standard for IIoT

Our industrial IoT technology is flexible and powerful. It scales to meet the needs of your digital strategy and is easy to integrate and use.

Connect your machines, teams and customers

We are connecting your machines and make it simple to manage and process all type of data. Integrate your existing infrastructure and route your data traffic to the thousands of systems of the industrial internet of things.


Edge Client with execution power

Efficiently and effectively manage and connect machines, independent of what machine protocol they are using.


Whitelabeled platform as a service


Corpware that scales


AI powered low code data processing

The Bottom Line

Our customers know the real impact of Senseforce.



Uplift in Service Agreements



Reduction in Warranty Costs



Increase in Product Margins



Data Product Sales

What our customers say.

„By using Senseforce we are able to optimize our product generations significantly and customize our products for our buyers.“

David Moosbrugger
CTO Hans Künz GmbH

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Don’t miss out on the next evolution of machining

Make sure your next generation of machines are powered by AI and your organisation is prepared to deliver the best in class, data driven, proactive services and products. Use Senseforce and connect your machines today.

One day with senseforce

Connect your machines

Using the Senseforce Edge Client you can start harvesting data on a machine level today, so you are AI ready in the future. Remember, time is critical and it takes a lot of data to produce meaningful data products.

One week with senseforce

Manage large scale data

The Senseforce toolkit allows you to manage large scale machine data without any coding skills. Our low code approach empowers teams to utilise big data. People in Service, Engineering, Purchasing, and all other departments can now realise Use Cases in an iterative, agile and lean manner. We make people better at what they do.

One month with senseforce

Integrate your organisation and customers

Use Cases can be scaled across your entire organisation. Integrate Senseforce with your existing systems and start to distribute powerful insights to the relevant teams and customers. With Senseforce you have an unrivalled time to market.

One year with senseforce

You are AI ready

Just one year into your digital transformation and you have achieved increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved communications and create new value for your customers. You are ready for Machine Learning and AI models either in the Senseforce Cloud or directly at your machines. Welcome to the world of smart machines.

Start your digital transformation today!